1) Summary: Ready to use Vanilla Arch Linux

2) About:
ALG = Arch Linux GUI

3) What we provide:
We ships our ISOs with calamares installer that help to install Vanilla Arch Linux easily. We also provide editions with stock desktops for users who want to explore or import their own themes, and the themed editions for users who want to get started immediately.

The project currently has 10 main editions featuring various DEs/WMs & 2 experimental editions. There are stock as well as themed editions.
DE: Plasma5, Gnome40, Xfce4 & Cinnamon5.
WM: i3
Experimental: Zen, Studio
Find out more in the README.

4) Release Cycle:
Like Arch Linux, ALG has a monthly release schedule. New ISOs on 1st of every month. 

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